Signs of a rat problem

Rats square measure nocturnal and typically hide from humans, that the typical signs of a rat problem within the home are:

  • Scratching noises – in walls or below the ground as rats scurry around
  • Droppings – rats leave dark, tapered fecal matter regarding 10-14mm long
  • Distinctive smell- rats leave associate degree ammonia-like smell which will be notably sturdy in swallowed areas like below cabinets
  • Damage – rats have teeth that grow unendingly and gnaw on wood and plastic to stay them trim. Rats will even cause fires by manduction through cables
  • Ripped food packaging – rats can tear open food which can leave teeth marks
  • Nests – rats build nests in heat, hidden places mistreatment sliced material like newspaper and materials. Nests can usually contain young rats
  • Burrows – In gardens, rats can dig burrows particularly in compost lots or below sheds. they’re going to additionally build nests below garden decking

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