Squirrels Control

The Council doesn’t supply treatment for squirrels.

Grey squirrels might enter buildings, like roof areas in search of shelter and heat. this could result in varied degrees of injury by their gnawing pipes, cables and insulation etc…

Squirrels will be controlled by the subsequent methods:

  • Squirrels will be persuaded to go away lofts and roof areas by blast, strive banging saucepans along. The squirrels tend to dart out once you do that, however pay attention as squirrels will be aggressive if at bay. Have a builder do the mandatory repairs to prevent re-entry.
  • Proofing to prevent re-entry following wipeout.
  • Baiting with approved substances.
  • Humane housing (please note that it’s misbr to unharness a captured squirrel into the wild).
  • If you’re powerless to urge into the loft, or have already tried and did not flush out the squirrels, you must contact a Pest Control Bedford contractor operative in your space.
  • Ensure that repairs to prevent re

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