Red Ants

Red ants live in mounds and like open sunny areas. Colonies of a 100 to 300 are often found underneath stones and paving or generally putrefaction tree trunks, in most gardens and that they square measure equipped with a painful sting, therefore best to not be messed with.

If any of those ants create a tangle for your faculties, kitchens or home it would be an honest plan to decision within the professionals.

Many amateur Pest Control Bedford product for insects will get eliminate ants, specifically garden ants. however if they create a nuisance inside a college or room it’s best to decision within the professionals.

If you have got an hymenopter nest in your garden or ants in your kitchen, contact you local, professional Pest Control Bedford company for advice Pest Control Bedford provide safe and effective pest control services to residents, schools, restaurants and hotels, serving to to cut back and stop the invasion of ants particularly throughout the summer months

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